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Nicaragua 2012: What our customers are saying.

May 10, 2012

Farewell Dinner – Bistro Estrada

What a congenial group!  Traveling in a small group gave us flexibility and time to get to know our fellow travelers.  Our local guide, Julio, was so informative.  His English is excellent and he is very easy to understand. But the best part was his charm…he has obvious pride and enthusiasm for Nicaragua and he is eager to share its history and natural wonders.  Ruth R.

Hotel Convento, Leon

Who would have expected the food to be so wonderful? What could be better than starting your day with breakfast served ovelooking our lush hotel courtyard?  We had fabulous meals each day with organically grown fresh ingredients. The fresh fruit was abundant, and meal choices ranged from fresh caught fish to grass fed beef and chicken attractively presented.  Sally D.

What photo ops! From natural wonders including volcanoes, birds and rain forests to charming rural scenes of a simple life to historic colonial architecture…bring your camera, you won’t be disappointed.  Karen B.

Poneloya Beach

Basilica Cathedral de Leon Rooftop

Road from Leon to Esteli

The Nicaraguan people are so gracious…and what endearing children we met on our school tour.  This is the only tour I’ve taken that I would do again.  Donna S.

Rey Solomon School Nicaragua

People have asked me if I felt safe.  Never for a moment did I not feel safe.  I found the Nicaraguan people to be very friendly and truly eager to please. We felt free to walk around the colonial cities on our own without concern, and traveling with our U.S. hosts, Dennis and JoAnn, who knew Nicaragua well was also helpful.  Maureen & John H.

Ometepe Ferry

Ziplining down the volcano and over the coffee plantation…what an experience!  Our equipment was excellent, we traversed 15 platforms with our congenial guides…felt like a kid again!  Phil & Diana P.

Mombacho Canopy Tour

Please take a look at the full itinerary by clicking on the link below.  The group size is limited to 18 guests, so sign up soon!

Natural Notable Nicaragua (click here for itinerary)
 (10 days, 9 nights)

Jo Ann Carr
– President, Interlude Tours

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What our customers are saying about Nicaragua…

May 18, 2011

Mombacho Tour with Guide Julio

Selva Negra Walk in the Cloud Forest
 The small group tour of Nicaragua in their summer (our cold  2011 February) was outstanding from the start to the all too soon finish! 

The organization, Julio our very knowledgeable guide and Juan our very skilled driver were outstanding and fun.  The local food and lodging gave us a nice flavor of the culture. It was comfortable and “Nicaraguan” without the western “made for Gringos” feel. The varied daily excursions to really “see” the people, land, wildlife etc. were wonderful. 
The 10 of us  bonded and got to know each other like old friends, laughing at meals and while we traveled, taking pictures and enjoying the experience so when we got home we would, for a  lifetime,  remember those feelings and experiences. A very happy traveler…Steve Tilden


Sandra on the Mombacho Zip Line

I wanted a vacation destination that would have my friends saying “you went where?”

Nicaragua had it all….amazing scenery, good food, friendly people, and educational opportunities. As always, I felt safe and secure traveling with Interlude Tours. Our guide and our driver for  this trip were two extraordinary people. I returned to the USA with a new appreciation for all that I have been given as an American.  Thank you for making this trip possible…Sandra Stelle. 



Granada Cathedral

Enjoyed seeing Nicaragua as it is today.  Excellent variety of activities particularly since I like to see how things are made.  We toured a pottery factory, furniture factory, chocolate factory, hammock factory, tobacco plantation and cigar factory. These ranged from small to large operations. There are many different kinds of artisans here working in all of these factories.

San Juan de oriente Pottery Maker

The countryside is beautiful with the views of the Pacific Ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains and volcanoes.  I saw more wildlife and birds on this trip than when I traveled in Costa Rica a few years ago.  Also enjoyed the art galleries and museums. It was fun to shop in the local markets in the different towns.

Cigar Factory Tour


Our local bi-lingual guide made the trip!  We learned history, culture, politics and about everyday life in Nicaragua.  Our guide anticipated our needs and was great with details to keep the days running smoothly…Joyce Rife



Poneloya Beach

The entire trip my wife & I took to Nicaragua in Feb., 2011, was an exceptional experience.  It was very interesting to see EVERYTHING on the tour. 

Toyota Cruiser

The volcanoes, the Ferry to the island was fun, the Nicaraguan people were very nice, and the towns were fun for shopping, plus the other sights on the tour.  Our Nicaraguan Tour Guide and bus drive were excellent.  The guide spoke very good English.  The food was the best; that is, every meal was great!!!  I loved the fresh fruit they have there.  The hotel rooms were also very nice and clean. 

I also like the prices.  With a dollar exchange rate of 21 to1 in our favor, food, clothes, and everything else was dirt cheap.  You can get a large fabulous meal for 3 to 6 dollars.  Try that in the U.S.  Great Trip!!!  Everyone should go on this tour.  You’ll love it!…Harvey Gunther

Please check out our upcoming tours to Nicaragua. You are guaranteed a meaningful experience and a terrific good time.

Natural, Notable Nicaragua (click here for itinerary)
(10 days, 9 nights)  

Jo Ann, President, Interlude Tours

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Natural, Notable Nicaragua

July 25, 2010

Nicaragua MapYou are invited to tap into the energy and restorative power that IS Nicaragua.  On this inclusive small group immersion into the heart and soul of this rustic, charming country you’ll explore all the wonders and authenticity it offers.  Slow down; feast your eyes, and feed your senses in this land that defies hustle and bustle.  Relax and enjoy the poetic beauty of the music, food, architecture and culture of this Central American jewel.

Spend a night in the beautiful Selva Negra Lodge.  Selva Negra is a sustainable coffee plantation where everything from the food on the table in the lakeside restaurant to the electricity in the quaint half-timbered cabins is produced on site. The Eco Lodge offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the sustainability that makes Selva Negra a model farm.   Here is a fantastic destination in which you can relax and enjoy the intense nature of the rainforest, and have the benefit of all the organic work of the farm as you savor a cup of coffee and a meal entirely raised and produced at the estate.  What an exceptional opportunity awaits you on this escorted vacation.   You will be dining in a charming restaurant located on one of the resort’s lagoons which offers a large deck with a wonderful view of both the mountain and the lagoon. At the restaurant you may choose from a wide variety of both local and international foods, including authentic German cuisine. Full bar services are also available – all the beauties of nature plus the amenities of home without the hassle.

Award Winning

Aside from being a model sustainable farm, Selva Negra is also well recognized for its high quality coffee and excellent cup. Recently they received a national quality award which included them in the Q Auction. They also received the highest bid for their coffee out of all the Nicaragua coffees in the auction.  Be sure to taste a cup of this deliciously hearty brew!

“…if the tourist wants to enjoy a fabulous hideaway amidst pine forests and on the shores of a small alpine lake, there is a well-known resort only 6 miles from downtown [Matagalpa]. The resort, known as “Selva Negra”, or Black Forest, resembles a European inn on the banks of the Rhine River.” La Nica Airlines Magazine

The cloud forest is located 87 miles from Managua, near the city of Matagalpa, at more than 4,000 feet above sea level. Originally a coffee farm called Hammonia from its German settlers, the farm evolved into a protected forest. Many birds live in these woods, including the Quetzal. Sacred to ancient Mesoamerican people, gorgeously plumed quetzals live in the mountains of Central America.   In the cloud forests, there are protected lands that create a preserve habitat for the birds and provide opportunities for ecotourists and eager bird watchers from around the globe. Such admirers continue a long history of admiration for the quetzal. The bird was sacred to the ancient Maya and Aztecs, and royalty and priests wore its feathers during ceremonies.  You won’t get many opportunities to see this unusual and strikingly beautiful bird – so grab your binoculars and your camera and join us.  

Ometepe Island, in addition to its fame as an archaeological and nature sanctuary, is known for its warm and friendly hospitality. Ometepe is developing tourism realizing its importance to the economy of the island. Already, several small hotels accommodate visitors wishing to enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches or fish in the warm offshore waters. The island’s villages are linked by roads which wind through fertile coffee and tobacco plantations.  You can enjoy all the natural bounty as you tour this lovely island, visit a tropical garden, and even take a dip in an absolutely beautiful swimming hole – can a day be spent in any better way?

You know how I love legend, so here is one from this region. The island is a storehouse of myth and legend. The small bay known as Charco Verde (Green Pond) is the entrance to just that sort of enchanted place. On Good Friday, as the story goes, a blonde woman appears at noon combing her hair with a golden comb.  Easter is late in 2011 so you’ll be there before Good Friday, but keep your eyes open for a golden comb!  Ometepe offers exotic vegetation, animal and bird life and colorful blooms, all for your pleasure and enjoyment.

La Gran Francia Hotel GranadaProclaimed Historical Patrimony of the City of Granada, your hotel for many days is the Hotel Colonial.  It is an architectural jewel that exemplifies Nicaraguan colonial architecture.  Photo ops are everywhere!The original construction of the building dates back to the first few years after the founding of the city of Granada, in 1524 – imagine – 1524! This edifice, much more modest than the one that exists today, was a one-story home. The stately home survived a deadly fire in 1856, which was set by orders of the American filibuster, William Walker, and practically destroyed the whole city of Granada. Interestingly, the “casona” owes its name to its most famous inhabitant, the French Duke, Georges Choisseul Praslin, whose dramatic story seems to have been taken straight from the pages of a novel. As the story goes, after murdering his wife, oh my, the Duke of Praslin, helped by King Louis Phillipe of France, feigns his own suicide and moves to Nicaragua, where he lived in the city of Granada, in Hotel Colonial.  Maybe you’ll be visited by his ghost!

In 1995, the arduous restoration of the building began, remaining faithful to the house’s authentic colonial style and returning it to its original glory, which can today be enjoyed by you in its entire splendor.  Hotel Colonial offers air-conditioned rooms with all modern comforts and amenities, a pool, coffee shop, and lounge. At Hotel Colonial our interlude allows you to enjoy the best of Nicaraguan hospitality and all the comforts of modernity while surrounded by the rustic elegance of colonial Granada – how divine.

This incredible tour features so many lovely ways to blast yourself out of the doldrums of winter.  Interlude provides a wonderful chance to explore this gem and become immersed in all its beckoning charm. I am betting that you will be most pleasantly surprised and exhilarated by the experience.

Please take a look at the itinerary for this small group immerson escorted vacation!

Natural Notable Nicaragua (click here for itinerary and departure date)
(10 days, 9 nights)

– Interlude blog team

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