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What our customers are saying about Nicaragua…

May 18, 2011

Mombacho Tour with Guide Julio

Selva Negra Walk in the Cloud Forest
 The small group tour of Nicaragua in their summer (our cold  2011 February) was outstanding from the start to the all too soon finish! 

The organization, Julio our very knowledgeable guide and Juan our very skilled driver were outstanding and fun.  The local food and lodging gave us a nice flavor of the culture. It was comfortable and “Nicaraguan” without the western “made for Gringos” feel. The varied daily excursions to really “see” the people, land, wildlife etc. were wonderful. 
The 10 of us  bonded and got to know each other like old friends, laughing at meals and while we traveled, taking pictures and enjoying the experience so when we got home we would, for a  lifetime,  remember those feelings and experiences. A very happy traveler…Steve Tilden


Sandra on the Mombacho Zip Line

I wanted a vacation destination that would have my friends saying “you went where?”

Nicaragua had it all….amazing scenery, good food, friendly people, and educational opportunities. As always, I felt safe and secure traveling with Interlude Tours. Our guide and our driver for  this trip were two extraordinary people. I returned to the USA with a new appreciation for all that I have been given as an American.  Thank you for making this trip possible…Sandra Stelle. 



Granada Cathedral

Enjoyed seeing Nicaragua as it is today.  Excellent variety of activities particularly since I like to see how things are made.  We toured a pottery factory, furniture factory, chocolate factory, hammock factory, tobacco plantation and cigar factory. These ranged from small to large operations. There are many different kinds of artisans here working in all of these factories.

San Juan de oriente Pottery Maker

The countryside is beautiful with the views of the Pacific Ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains and volcanoes.  I saw more wildlife and birds on this trip than when I traveled in Costa Rica a few years ago.  Also enjoyed the art galleries and museums. It was fun to shop in the local markets in the different towns.

Cigar Factory Tour


Our local bi-lingual guide made the trip!  We learned history, culture, politics and about everyday life in Nicaragua.  Our guide anticipated our needs and was great with details to keep the days running smoothly…Joyce Rife



Poneloya Beach

The entire trip my wife & I took to Nicaragua in Feb., 2011, was an exceptional experience.  It was very interesting to see EVERYTHING on the tour. 

Toyota Cruiser

The volcanoes, the Ferry to the island was fun, the Nicaraguan people were very nice, and the towns were fun for shopping, plus the other sights on the tour.  Our Nicaraguan Tour Guide and bus drive were excellent.  The guide spoke very good English.  The food was the best; that is, every meal was great!!!  I loved the fresh fruit they have there.  The hotel rooms were also very nice and clean. 

I also like the prices.  With a dollar exchange rate of 21 to1 in our favor, food, clothes, and everything else was dirt cheap.  You can get a large fabulous meal for 3 to 6 dollars.  Try that in the U.S.  Great Trip!!!  Everyone should go on this tour.  You’ll love it!…Harvey Gunther

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Jo Ann, President, Interlude Tours

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